I am delighted to introduce some wonderful therapists and associates that I have personally picked, having either had first hand experience of them, or worked on a referral basis with them.

Be Marvellous
Gus Grima is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and Health Coach. She helps women double their energy, balance their hormones and sort out their gut issues, using food and lifestyle coaching alongside functional lab testing so that they feel like they are back in their own skin – more positive and confident, free of mood swings and fit in their clothes better.  

Tel: (+44) 7851 759654

Lorraine: I listened to Gus give a fascinating and informative talk and learnt so much from her.

The Pain Clinic
The Pain Clinic offers Osteopathy, Sports Medicine, Sports Massage, Elite Performance, Corporate Wellbeing & Bodyfit Classes and can be found within Regus, 7200 The Quorum, Oxford Business Park North, Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2JZ. There is free parking onsite.

The Pain Clinic can help provide rehabilitation of sports injuries and other aches and pain for people of all ages and abilities.

Tel: 0333 800 0048

Lorraine: I have personally had Osteopathy with the Clinic Director, Danielle Pain and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Alicky Gravell Clinic
Alicky is passionate about the work she does in helping people in emotional distress and with complex pain issues. She offers a range of treatments, including Shiatsu, EFT, Reflexology and Noninvasive Interactive Nuerostimulation (NIN) therapy.

Contact: Click here to complete Alicky’s Contact form

Lorraine: I have had the pleasure of presenting at one of Alicky’s popular Wellness Days and have heard first hand from her clients how passionate she is in helping people.