I have received some lovely thank you emails, hand written notes and messages from clients and I thought it would be nice to share some of these with you.  

Miss H came to see me to reduce her weight, but after the initial consultation it was clear there was a larger goal. Our sessions are ongoing and I recently received this wonderful email: (May-18)

…I came to see Lorraine – ostensibly for weight loss, but really that was a by-product of greater goals. Living a more fulfilled life, feeling energised and at peace in my mind. After years of the reverse, I was ready for change but needed help to get there. Lorraine was exactly what I needed and I have embarked on a positive journey that is incrementally bringing permanent change. I am mid-journey but there’s finally no going back to the old ways.  Lorraine is exceptional, she really does see people. She has a vast toolkit with which, collaboratively, each person’s journey is tailored according to need.

Having suffered from poor sleep for some time, Mr N saw me for four sessions, and six weeks after his last session I received this wonderful email (Sep-17)

…just to say a BIG THANK YOU for resolving my sleep problems. After the therapy I have found myself to be much calmer, I feel less anxiety than I used to before and I have been sleeping very well every single night. It’s unreal for me to feel this way. All thanks to you.

Mrs B visited me for hypnotherapy to resolve a craving for chocolate. We used a one session approach which worked really well and showed the client’s high motivation for change (Aug-17)

It is now just over a month since I had my hypnotherapy session with you and I thought I would give you some feedback. I wanted to wait for at least a month before sending you this email just to be certain of it. Well, I must admit that your session was extremely effective because I have not touched chocolate at all since then! This is just fantastic, incredible and I feel great about it!  I do not have cravings anymore and do not fancy or desire chocolate at all anymore!! This is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help. I struggled for many years to resist/control those cravings with no success and you fixed it almost immediately just like magic!  I still cannot believe how this is possible!! You are definitely brilliant at what you do and I wish you all the best for the future.

Following a serious head injury Mrs G was looking to support her recovery process and to deal with a fear of flying. This is what she had to say after just two sessions (Jul-17)

I would like to recommend Lorraine as her hypnotherapy has helped me overcome a fear of flying, which meant that I was able to fly with my family to Italy for a holiday.  She has also helped me with my recovery from a serious head injury, so I can only speak very highly of her and thank her for her excellent work.

Mrs J sent me this lovely testimonial email after I helped her with a creative block she had experienced for some 10 years. This feedback was after the initial session (Apr-17)

Having had a taster hypnotherapy session years earlier with another therapist that left me in tears, I was a little trepidatious. But Lorraine’s gentle manner and personal approach allayed my concerns immediately. My session was to be a general relaxation and reinvigoration exercise, but I had in my mind that I would love to be released from a creative block that had held me back for nearly ten years. As a writer and illustrator, I wanted to create my own series of children’s books but had not been able pick up a pencil and start at all. In one, single session, Lorraine allowed me to access my ‘controls’ and reboot my creativity. Within hours, I had written three stories and produced four sketch illustrations – I was astounded. Lorraine has liberated my creativity and I feel a sense of contentment and confidence that has eluded me since my art school days. Thank you Lorraine, I’ll be coming back for more!

Miss M sought hypnotherapy for weight-loss, having tried a number of diets and weight loss programmes without long term success. Following 12 weeks and 4 sessions Miss M was delighted she had lost 1 stone 4lbs (Mar-17)

I have been fascinated by the sessions, we have experimented with different ways to go into trance. These ranged from descending a stair case; moving my arm; following your hand. Then while in hypnosis I’ve shopped for the help I need, looked into the future, and my favourite of course, being up in the air. I was convinced hypnotherapy would not work for me. I’ve been surprised how relaxing I find the sessions, and then how motivated and energised I am following them. I can see the difference in my confidence and my outlook on life and the energy is amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone give hypnotherapy a chance, it’s life changing and you have been an amazing hypnotherapist, thank you.  

Please note: Permission has been explicitly received from each of the contributors above, and any identifying comments have been removed, to protect the anonymity of my clients.