Express-Hypnosis Sessions

Express-Hypnosis sessions are 20, 30 or 40 minutes in length and are perfect for when you would simply like to boost your mood, confidence, or energy level, or simply gain an increased feeling of well-being.

In as little as 20 minutes you could be feeling more relaxed and calm, more able to deal with a stressful situation, more confident, more focused or more energised.

Due to the express nature of these sessions they are not bespoke (although your individual preferences will be taken into consideration) and therefore are not suitable for conditions that require a detailed case history to be taken, or where therapy is required to be delivered over the course of sessions.

What does an Express-Hypnosis session involve?
Five minutes of the time will be spent listening to what you would like to gain from the session (for example, the negative state you would like to leave, and the positive state you would like to experience) and the rest of the session allows for hypnosis to be delivered to effect change.

Why are they called ‘Hypnosis’ sessions instead of ‘Hypnotherapy’ sessions?
Hypnosis works by altering our state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is turned off, while the non-analytical right-hand side is made more alert. The control of the conscious critical mind is inhibited, and the unconscious mind becomes more aware, with an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.

Hypnotherapy involves a therapeutic element to help change thoughts, feelings and behaviours for the long term or to help with medical or psychological conditions. Express-Hypnosis sessions do not have a therapeutic element and do not require an initial consultation session. Anyone* can enjoy this enjoyable state of relaxation and leave feeling healthier, happier and with an increased feeling of well-being. 

How do Express-Hypnosis sessions work?
They work in the same way as a full-length Hypnotherapy session however, unlike a full session, they do not require a 90-minute initial consultation before-hand. These sessions are designed to give you short term improvements to your health, happiness or well-being. Many clients report sleeping really well the night after having their session. Of course, they may create long-term improvements and this is an added benefit of receiving hypnosis.

How much do Express-Hypnosis sessions cost?
Choose from a 20, 30 or 40 minute session length, at £1 per minute plus £10.

How can I book an Express-Hypnosis session?
You can book easily by telephoning me, or emailing me to find out my availability. Sessions can be booked in advance, or on the same day, as no initial consultation is required.

If booked in advance a minimum payment of £30 is required at the point of booking, with any additional session fee (for 30 or 40 minute sessions) payable at the end of the session.

I practice from a number of venues, so please contact me to see where and when you can book your session.

* You will be asked to complete a short Client Record Form at, or prior to your first session (this form can be emailed to you). This form will ask for confirmation that you are not suffering from any condition that could be contra-indicative to hypnosis. This includes: psychosis or personality disorder, depression, epilepsy, very high or low blood pressure, a serious heart condition and panic attacks.