Health & Happiness Wedding Package
Hypnotherapy can make a positive difference to how you and the other important people in your life enjoy your wedding day by helping you (or someone in your wedding party) overcome any pre-wedding nerves, deal with any stress or worry, aid weight loss, stop nail biting, address insomnia or help you to deliver a wonderful wedding speech.

You may be spending a significant amount of money on your big day and you want it to be the best it can be. To help get the best out of your day why not book a Health & Happiness Wedding Package:

The package costs £450 and includes 5-extended  Hypnotherapy Sessions with Lorraine (90 minutes instead of the normal 50-60 minutes). 

These sessions can be delivered from your home (within certain geographical areas) or one of Lorraine’s current therapy venues. Sessions can be given any time up to the Wedding ceremony itself – why not book a ‘calming nerves’ session a few days before?

You can gift up to 3 of your 5 Sessions to anyone you choose. Perhaps someone else in your Bridal party, a friend or a family member may benefit from a session?

The Health & Happiness Wedding Package is an ideal gift from your fiancé, hens or stags, to give to you before your Wedding.

You can choose from a huge variety of sessions:

  • Calm nerves, deal with any anxiety, stress, worry – being relaxed and confident allows us to manage situations with ease
  • Reduce or eradicate a phobia that may stop you from fully enjoying your day
  • Nail-biting – beautiful natural nails on your wedding day can be yours 
  • Weight management – look the best you can in your wedding dress or suit 
  • Confident speech delivery – speeches are not only for the grooms these days, perhaps you are a bride giving a speech and would like that extra confidence to deliver a memorable speech to your wedding guests
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem – how you feel about yourself will affect your experience of the day
  • Visualise the perfect wedding day – if you cannot envision a happy day then how can you expect to experience one?
  • Insomnia – nerves and stress can play havoc with your sleeping patterns; you want to be fresh faced and well slept on your big day
  • Fear of flying – don’t ruin that dream honeymoon with a flying phobia